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It's Been a While

OCT 11, 2015
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The last time we wrote an Insider post, it was some over 75 days when we announced our updated design. When starting on this Insider section, what we hoped for was regular posts that highlight what goes on behind the curtains here at Roar. It’s been too long, so here’s our commitment to frequently writing about Roar, the same way we write fresh content every day.

This is what’s been going on at Roar:

1) Traffic is up, and our content seems to be appealing to a wider audience. Month on month our traffic has been growing an average of 35%, which is pretty decent. We’ve been trying to write more on social issues (the starving elephants article made us terribly sad) while balancing out the content with more popular and humorous articles. We also started to focus more on photo stories and curating user-generated content from platforms like Instagram


Castle Hotel at Slave Island. Part of the #wwim12SriLanka which we mentioned here and here. Image Courtesy, Clever_ever

2) We updated the site font to Helvetica Neue. It looks pretty clean and is an easy, readable font. Win win.

3) We have two new writers, Kinita Shenoy and Abeeth Nirmal. Kinita has joined us to write more on travel and socio-economics while Abeeth is here to ramp up our startup section. Abeeth will closely follow the startup scene in Sri Lanka, so if you have any startup-related tips/content you’d like written, shoot him an email to [email protected]

4) With the number of articles we publish increasing (we aim for two new articles every day), our older content has been getting buried. To solve this, we updated the sidebar to show older articles rather than only the most recent ones.

5) The recent monsoon rains wreaked havoc at our office. Water seeped in through the roof and the entire space got moldy. Unfortunate, but #StartupLife.

6) Travel Content. We can’t say any more, other than that Himal is super excited at the prospect.

We want to thank those of you who’ve taken the time to give us your feedback on our content and what we should/shouldn’t be doing. Big shout out and keep the feedback coming to [email protected] or if you know any one of us personally, please reach out. 

Until next time! Which hopefully won’t be too far off in the future.

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