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MAR 5, 2015
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Ever since starting off last September, we’ve been toying around with the idea of a new site and it’s finally here. The layout’s got a facelift and we think it looks pretty fresh, but a few other things have changed along the way too.

Hitting the bulls eye

Scrolling over lengthy text and navigating through a web isn’t our thing so we cleaned it all up. Easier navigation and reading made for a better layout, but we stuck to our initial minimalist style.

The evolution of Roar

The evolution of Roar

Now that we’ve trial run and piloted the platform, we’ve completely switched up the content itself.

We noticed that the mundane categories of tech, sports, music etc. weren’t going to make the cut. So we rounded up all the articles we have written to date and took a long look at what we were really trying to get out. Then the collective lights in our heads went on. New tabs and a new purpose, Roar was about to be reloaded.

Guns blazing, we went all out, this was war with the content kings. Back-stories had to happen, because that’s what Roar was, and still is about. Answering that extra why, taking that one-step backwards and sideways, and putting a fresh spin on a stale story.

Next came our purpose. We’ve done funny, angry and sometimes even sappy, but at the end of the day, we wanted to be of some use. Cue ‘Life Guides’ – local, accessible and attainable. We’re going beyond a ‘How To Climb Adam’s Peak’ guide to something more challenging – to get you interested in new concepts and lifestyles with a dose of the inside scoop that only a true islander would be in on.

As we started looking around, we kept going around and around and around – because there was just that much going on. With shots flying at us from every angle, we decided to aggregate initiatives and ideas in one space – Round ups. Round ups will be lists of all things quirky and insightful.

Start-ups and Social went hand-in-hand with the remainder of our articles where we were looking to promote local mindblowers and idea generators – people doing things that excite us, which we assume excite you too. This includes projects and campaigns that advocate and emphasise on social issues.

However, we’re just getting started. Article contributions are rolling in, our reader base is growing and we’ve gone from articles that just scratch the surface to something with more depth. We’ve started up an Instagram account to kick off some photo series’, we even made it to Readme’s list of sites to watch out for and taken on some cracking offline initiatives too.

We want to roar loud and clear enough to be heard and enjoyed by you, because it’s you who we are writing for. So let us know what’s lacking and where we’re slacking by sending us your ideas and suggestions (to [email protected]) and we’ll get roaring.

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