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#RoarQuotes: Now On A Tuk Nearest To You

MAR 8, 2016
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Remember how we said we’re going mainstream this year? We’ve already upped our game on some fronts ‒ Sinhala content, bilingual facebook fan pages, and bilingual reactions on Roar (possibly a first for Sinhala content on the internet), to name a few.

One thing we’ve been aspiring to do for a while now is to turn the name Roar into something instantly recognisable amongst the masses, and to do this we decided to get a little help from Sri Lanka’s favourite mode of transportation – tuk tuks.



The idea to use our own brand of funky (albeit realistic) stickers on tuks  – all in the name of widening our reach  – came to us like one of those ‘eureka!’ moments you hear about. There we were, sitting at one of our (many) brainstorming sessions at Roar when the very word ‘tuk tuk’ got our brains churning. Much planning and thinking followed: and the results are now out on the streets.

What’s So Special About Tuk Stickers?

I didn't choose the tuk life, the tuk life chose me.

I didn’t choose the tuk life, the tuk life chose me.

We tried to keep the stickers as Sri Lankan as possible, while not losing out on the quintessential tuk tuk ‘swag’ factor ‒ minimalist colours and frills, occasional ‘singlish’ and lots of Lankanisms. Take the ‘call amma’ sticker for instance: we felt that anyone who is Sri Lankan (at heart) would not just notice, but also relate to what these stickers say.

There are twenty five different quotes altogether, pasted on hundreds of tuks around town and doing the rounds (literally, even as you’re reading this). And now that you’ve seen the pictures, we’re pretty sure you’d agree with us that they’re a good mix of quirky and unique.

How It Works

If you can't find it, ask amma (Mom).

If you can’t find it, ask amma (Mom).

Anyone who spots these stickers on tuks roaring ‒ erm, roaming ‒ about Colombo can take two pics and share it on social media (Twitter and Facebook) with the accompanying tag #RoarQuotes. But what’s in it for the you? Well, we decided to throw in a bit of an incentive, in the form of two cash prizes worth Rs. 5,000 each. Please do keep in mind your pictures need to be publicly viewable!

The tuk drivers get an incentive, too, for featuring our stickers. The two vehicles which get the most exposure on social media with our tag #RoarQuotes will also stand a chance of winning two prizes worth Rs. 5,000 each. (So it would be great if the tuk’s license plate number is visible in your picture ‒ that way we could track them down easily.)

We’ll be picking the winners in time for the Avurudu celebrations, so do make sure you post them as soon as you see them!  

Roar-ing On

It's not the size of the vadey that counts, but how much isso (prawn) there's in it.

It’s not the size of the vadey that counts, but how much isso (prawn) there’s in it.

This is one of the many initiatives we have planned to help take Roar to the next level. Although the end goal of these endeavours is to make sure that we are reaching out to a wider audience, we will still strive to keep the brand promise of Roar: to bring you quality content that is readable, shareable, credible and also easily accessible.

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