A Fighting Chance

DEC 13, 2019

In August this year, we featured the story of six students in a school in Pallebowala, past Kandy. The students, athletes in the sport of Muay Thai were training to represent Sri Lanka at the Muay Thai Youth World Championship in Turkey.

We first came to know of this story through a social media post. Their coach had published an impassioned plea for donations and support. The athletes were no strangers to national and international level tournaments. But, the students came from impoverished backgrounds and could not afford the costs of travelling to Turkey. Their participation at the event, was uncertain.

Not wanting to twiddle our thumbs, we decided to produce a video on these students as part of our Project Roar initiative, which is our way of giving back to society.

Our video team had to operate within very tight boundaries. As the students were busy training day in, and day out, we had to stay with them, capturing what we could, with no room for retakes.We also wanted to capture the hardships and everyday challenges, without undermining their talent. Within a five minute video we needed to establish why this team deserved to receive this opportunity.

The video received an overwhelmingly positive response, and a few notable brands and well wishers came forward to support the team. As a result, all six athletes were able to successfully represent their motherland in Turkey.

Further, this video marked yet another instance where we are able to bring about positive change through our Project Roar initiative.