It's Time To Re:start

AUG 6, 2019

Sri Lanka Technological Campus (SLTC), along with some of Sri Lanka’s most well known IT service firms, created the re:start coding boot camp as a way to build capacity in Sri Lanka’s flourishing IT sector.

As content partners for the event, we at Roar were tasked with conceptualising and executing a digital campaign that could entice university graduates with a STEM background to consider switching to IT careers.

As Sinhala and Tamil are the most widely spoken languages in sub-urban and rural Sri Lanka, we focused our efforts on creating relatable and engaging content in Sinhala and Tamil.

The concept of a coding bootcamp was new to Sri Lanka. It was important to first tell the world what re:start was going to be all about. Through two short, slick videos we generated an initial wave of interest.

Then came a series of articles, produced by us and disseminated via our own media platform, Roar Media. The articles helped answer the myriad questions running through the mind of someone contemplating applying for the re:start boot camp.

After the articles struck a chord amongst the subsection of Sri Lankan youth we moved into the third and final phase of the content plan i.e. conversation starting social media posters.

Across all three phases, our plan was to gradually convert potential applicants from neutral netizens to hopeful applicants.

With the closing date for applications just around the corner, we banked on the social media posters to keep conversations around re:start alive. Supported by intelligent targeting, we succeeded in achieving a near 100% increase in applications over and above the initial target.