MGR of Pettah

JAN 8, 2020

Manikkam may be just a porter, transporting goods to and fro on the busy streets of Pettah, but he does it in style. When we met Manikkam, better known as the MGR of Pettah, one thing stood out– his infectiously positive attitude towards life. Inspired ourselves, we decided to share his story with the world. 
Manikkam is a huge fan of the South Indian movie star, the late M.G. Ramachandran, famously known as MGR. Taken in by MGR’s philosophy on life, as popularised through the movies he acted in, Manikkam not only has memorised MGR’s most memorable lines, but also has dedicated his life to imitating his idol in every possible way.
Clearly, Manikkam’s belief that what you do or where you come from should not stand in the way of your ability to follow your passion resonated with many. To date, this video has gone on to accumulate more than 1 million views on Facebook, and over 450,000 views on Youtube.